Monday, May 19, 2008

morning in clinic


I didn't post this for shock factor or amusement, though it certainly would be a great photo for that.

This morning I had the chance to spend time assisting in the medical clinic at Canaan Orphanage. This clinic accepts patients from the surrounding towns and villages. Haiti is a very, very needy place. This man came to us with this problem. There are four possibilities:


1) Advanced tuberculosis of the skin. This would require thousands of dollars of very expensive medication over a 6-month period. A treatment he wouldn't even come close to affording. Because it is so advanced, this may not even work.

2) This form of TB is only found in immune-system-compromised individuals. In other words, AIDS.

3) TB and AIDS.

4) Cancer. Least likely. This would require aggressive treatment that he wouldn't be able to afford.

I prayed for him.

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