Thursday, July 3, 2008


This is a child who came to our clinic. His name is Edgerson. The mom didn't know about our malnutrition program, but she came because he was very sick. We felt that his life might be in danger, so we took him to a hospital in St. Marc (about 45 minutes away).

Turns out, he was severely dehydrated, has two hernias (one umbilical the other in his groin) that could become life threatening, severely malnourished and had a severe case of pneumonia. We are currently helping the mom pay for all the hospital expenses. When we told her that he needed to go to the hospital immediately, she said that was impossible. She could never afford such a thing.

So far he has received IVs, several regiments of antibiotics, spent three days in the hospital, has been hooked up to oxygen, had chest x-rays and malaria testing.

The cost? About $60 so far.

A little bit of money goes a long way in Haiti.

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