Saturday, July 12, 2008


Mandy and I have finished our malnutrition clinic work. Other folks have arrived and will arrive now to carry on the work. We leave the country on Tuesday, July 15h. Our originally plans had us set to leave on July 24th, but we moved that up a bit. Some circumstances made this a good option for us. Thanks to all who have followed our journey. I probably only have a few more posts left. Here's some things that have happened lately and some of the kids we've worked with...

Edgerson. This is the kid that we saw and brought to the hospital (see previous post). On Thursday, he was released from the hospital in St. Marc. David and I took a "tap-tap" (Haiti's public transportation) to St. Marc and brought he and his mother back. His pneumonia seems to have cleared up. We've started him on the peanut butter medicine for malnutrition. I'll post a new picture of him soon.

This is Kendley Paul. He came to our clinic on Tuesday severely dehydrated. We took him to the hospital in Pierre Payen on Wednesday. Unfortunately, he passed away on Thursday morning. He so dehydrated that he was too far gone. It really is unbelievable that a child (in this case, a one-year old) can die because there simply isn't clean water to drink.

Meet Faina. She is a sweet 4 year old little girl. On Tuesday, we officially graduated her from our program. This is a before and after picture. Medical research from Meds and Food for Kids lead us to believe that now her health can be maintained on a standard diet. Statistics indicate that she shouldn't ever slide back into malnutrition again.

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