Thursday, June 5, 2008

here-but-not-yet....part two

In my previous post, i discussed the crisis of clean water in Haiti. So many of the health issues are directly related to this simple problem. In this struggle, you see the rule and reign of poverty and despair. From it, come a host of other struggles. However, God’s people are on the move, His light is breaking in to this darkness. His Kingdom is coming...

Enter Clean Water for Haiti.

This Christian mission organization was started by Canadian believers in 2001. Their task is singular: to show the love of Christ by providing sustainable solutions to the water crisis in Haiti. Their technology is simple yet effective. CWH constructs and distributes Biosand water filters (check out their website:

CWH is based in Pierre Payen, just a short 10 minute ride from Canaan, Montrouis, where we are based. The kids at Canaan are an example of children who are drinking clean water as a result of their work. Mandy and I have been part of a bi-weekly meeting of local missionaries in the area. As a result, we’ve gotten to know Chris and Leslie Rolling, CWH’s in-nation staff. They are wonderful people doing wonderful work to build Christ's kingdom.

To learn more about this effective ministry and other water-related issues, please visit:

P.S. - One of our team members, John Elmore, has a very in-depth blog of our trip, if you're interested:

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